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MAC x Natalina Lipstick Review

MAC x Natalina lipstick on a table


This lipstick was created by MAC Cosmetics in collaboration with the Russian YouTube blogger Natalina (and already sold out) a few months ago. The lipstick is semi-matte, made in a nude color, a mix of beige and pink, not too light and not too dark. You can watch a video review of the lipstick here (in Russian, but you can at least get an idea of what kind of color it is).


Pros 🙂

  1. It’s semi-matte.
  2. It’s not that drying like liquid matte formulas.
  3. It has a universal nude color that looks great on almost everyone.
  4. It smells awesome.
  5. The golden bullet package looks fantastic.


Cons 🙁

  1. It’s sold out.


How it looks like

MACxNatalina Lipstick

MACxNatalina Lipstick

Ways to apply

  1. A thin layer on a lip balm (picture 1). Apply some lip balm on your lips, then just a bit of lipstick on top. This way your lips will look a bit brighter, enough for everyday life.
  2. The usual way of applying lipstick (picture 2). Here I cheated and just used a thick layer on a lip balm, without it it will look more matte.
  3. With lip pencil/liner. I don’t use lip liners, so I don’t have a picture of this way of application. According to Natalina, you can match the color of lip liner to the lipstick, or you can use darker lip liner and make your lips look like in the 90s.
  4. Use a lipgloss on top (picture 3) for some shiny look.
  5. A combination of all the above.


Where to buy MAC x Natalina lipstick

The lipstick was almost immediately sold out, but probably you can still find it somewhere in local MAC shops. Sorry for that ;(


Final thoughts

I will not be able to buy this exact lipstick anymore. However, since it’s a usual MAC lipstick just with the special package and color, I will buy more MAC lipsticks in the future. I like the formula and the smell.

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