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MAC Studio Fix Powder Review

MAC Studio Fix Powder


MAC Studio Fix powder is an ultra-matte pressed powder with medium-to-full buildable coverage. It can be used not only as a powder but also as a foundation. According to MAC, it is also long-lasting and can hold for 12 hours. In this post, I’m going to review the powder in shade N5 (not my shade, just what I was able to get for some testing).


Pros 🙂

  1. Matte. Well, only a few hours.
  2. Wide range of shades (info on how to choose the right shade will be a bit later).
  3. Availability. You can buy MAC products in a lot of places, online and offline.
  4. Coverage. Yeah, baby, this powder can replace your foundation+powder combination. Depending on how you apply the powder, with a soft powder brush, kabuki brush, sponge, the result will be different – from light to full coverage. I haven’t tried to use it as a foundation, but I was happy with the coverage as it is. The pictures will be below.
  5. Sponge inside. That means you can put the powder in your bag and fix your makeup during the day.
  6. Still good to use on top of the foundation, if you want to hide any life from your face. This way the powder doesn’t oxidize and lasts much longer than without the foundation.


Cons 🙁

  1. Forget about “lasts for 12 hours” if you have oily skin. After 6 hours I looked so destroyed that I wanted to remove all my makeup.
  2. It can oxidize. I had already a bit too dark shade of powder – after some time my face became so dark it looked super weird comparing to my white neck. It doesn’t happen, however, when the powder is applied on top of the foundation.
  3. Price. $31. Just a bit too much in my opinion.
  4. It doesn’t control oil. I needed a serious touch-up in 3 hours, and in 6 hours the whole face was quite oily.


How to choose the right shade

MAC has a special shade naming system. Usually, in other brands, everything warm has W in the name, and everything cold – C. In MAC it’s vice versa:

N – neutral undertone

C – cold undertone (yellow or warm in other brands!)

W – warm undertone (rose or cold in other brands!)

Combinations like NC or NW mean that the shade is slightly warm or slightly cold, and just N, C, or W – pure neutral, warm or cold.

For example, I have light skin with a slightly yellow/warm undertone. If I wanted to choose the shade of MAC Studio Fix powder or foundation, I would take NC15 or NC20 (I would need to swatch it in a store, but I at least know my range).

I know it can be a bit confusing with MAC, but that’s how it is.



MAC Studio Fix Powder (N5)

MAC Studio Fix Powder in N5 shade


Where to buy

MAC official store






Final thoughts

Even though my review seems not so positive, I would probably buy this powder again in my right shade, and would mostly use it on top of the foundation. And maybe even without the foundation when I don’t need makeup to stay forever on my face. I love the coverage!


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