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L’Oreal Perfect Match Powder Review

L'Oreal Perfect Match Powder


L’Oreal Perfect Match is a compact powder with a natural matte finish, according to L’Oreal. It seems that this powder was called ‘Alliance Perfect’ long ago and now L’Oreal changed the name again to ‘True Match’. I don’t think that they changed the formula at all since I had Alliance Perfect many years ago and it had the same positive and negative sides as Perfect Match.

In this post, I’m going to review L’Oreal Perfect Match powder in 2.N (Vanilla) shade.


Pros 🙂

  1. Price. $11 is totally OK and bearable for most people.
  2. Availability. It is available in any drugstore, in almost any country (I suppose). I’m not sure if you can find this exact powder, if not – I guess ‘True Match’ will be the same.
  3. Coverage. It has decent coverage and can be used without foundation. It will not cover severe acne, however.
  4. Matte finish.
  5. Good for fixing the foundation.
  6. It has a mirror and a place for a sponge.


Cons 🙁

  1. Not the best option for oily skin. It holds around 4 hours, then I need to remove the oil and reapply the powder on T-zone.
  2. The sponge in the powder is funny. I’d advise you to buy a better option – another sponge or a small brush.
  3. It can oxidize if used without foundation. When used on the foundation – it never oxidized on me. When used on ‘naked’ skin – it oxidized in a few hours.
  4. It’s not long-lasting. It looks not good on the skin after 6 hours.



No foundation, no acne/spot correcting, only concealer under eyes. Applied with a kabuki brush.

L'Oreal Perfect Match Powder in 2.N

L’Oreal Perfect Match Powder in 2.N


Where to buy

Amazon (Perfect Match)

Amazon (True Match)

L’Oreal Official Store (True Match)

Ulta (True Match)


Final thoughts

I use powders every time I apply any makeup on my skin, alone or on top of the foundation. I’ve used powders since my teenage time, so I tried sh*t ton of different powders. L’Oreal Perfect Match is not my favorite powder and I will not buy it again because it doesn’t provide anything special to me. It’s an okayish powder, but that’s all that I can say about it. There’re better powders in terms of coverage (even foundation-level coverage), and for fixing foundation almost any powder goes.

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