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About me

Hey there! I’m Alena 🙂

I’m from Russia and right now in the process of moving to Germany where lives my husband. English is my second language, so if you find any mistakes or anything – well, I’m not a native speaker. I do write with Grammarly so that I don’t offend anyone with my mistakes, but they happen anyway. I hope it’s okay.

This website will contain my personal reviews of different makeup, skincare, and other ‘beauty’ products. I’m not a makeup artist, so all the reviews and articles will be written from the point of an average user without any special skills or experience in applying makeup on other people.

In the section below I will mention some of the information about me that can be important to know before reading the reviews.

Age: 30

Skin type: super-oily, acne-prone (survived a hardcore acne period in 20-27), with post-acne; big pores (like small volcanoes)

Eye type: deep-set, slightly hooded (‘great’ combination, I know)

Hair type: oily, thin

Eyebrows: permanent makeup (that’s why there will be almost no reviews of eyebrow makeup)

Eyelashes: short, straight, thin


If you want to drop me a line, you can use this contact form or send me a direct email here: alena@alenasbeautybox.com